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Ruthie Belle

Easy Wrap

Easy Wrap

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Easy Wrap does something that has NEVER been seen in the eyelash industry before - it helps to make wrapping volume fans around the natural lash easier! How is that possible, you wonder? It’s because it works like a magnet to cyanoacrylate! It pulls lash adhesive toward itself so when you apply it both on the top and on the base of the natural lashes it pulls the base of the volume fan around the natural lash!

On top of that, it does everything that a regular primer does but without dehydrating natural lashes: removes sebum, opens cuticles and speeds up adhesive setting time.


Apply to BOTH natural lashes and extensions while they are on the glue strip to make the magnet work.

The product is highly efficient so a little bit goes a long way! Use less product than you would with regular primers.

Apply in the beginning of the treatment and top off only when needed.

Since it speeds up adhesive curing time, it’s important not to use an adhesive that sets very quickly on its own to prevent shock curing. 

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